Dnestr near Otaci and Calaraseuca, Moldova by Zserghei

Regional expert meeting: Access to private finance for green investments in EU Eastern Partnership countries - 5-6 June 2014, Paris


Topic: Access to finance for green investments

The expert meeting on "Access to finance for green investments in the EU Eastern Partnership countries", held on 5-6 June 2014 at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, focused on the following objectives:

  • Reviewing the experience with the design and implementation of environmentally related IFI- and donor-supported credit lines disbursed through local commercial banks in the EaP countries;
  • Identifying key lessons from this analysis that can help governments in the region improve the policy and regulatory environment that promotes green lending;
  • Identifying those credit lines and countries that can be selected for further in-depth analysis; and,
  • Discussing and agreeing on the methodology for an in-depth review of selected credit lines with a view to gaining further insights into the challenges and opportunities for using commercial banks to promote green investment.

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