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A workshop on green growth indicators in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan (OECD)

Topic: Green growth indicators

Green growth indicators are a key tool for decision-makers and the wider public for measuring progress towards green growth, analysing the sources of green growth and assessing green growth policies. The OECD has supported national efforts to promote and monitor green growth, and facilitates the exchange of experience and good practices for developing indicators and applying a coherent green growth measurement framework. Under the EaP GREEN programme, the OECD assists the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership countries with the development of green growth indicators.

The main objectives of the Green Growth Measurement workshop in Azerbaijan are:

  • Gather stakeholders to discuss how to adapt a methodology for identifying national green growth indicators and to discuss the possibility of developing a report on green growth using relevant indicators in Azerbaijan.
  • Discuss possible steps to establish a working group on green growth indicators development in Azerbaijan; to develop a full set of green growth indicators and to integrate them in the governmental agenda.

For more details, please read the Summary Record of the Green Growth Measurement workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan .

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