The "Greening Economies in the European Union's Eastern Neighbourhood" (EaP GREEN) programme assists six countries of the European Union Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership in progressing faster towards a green economy framework. Decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation should result in higher productivity and competitiveness, better natural capital management, enhanced environmental quality of life, and more resilient economies.

EaP GREEN responds to commitments made by countries, the European Union and other partners in major international forums including the Rio+20 Earth Summit. More information on the commitments and the resutls achieved to date can be found on the latest brochure‌.

Nistru River in Rezina, Moldova
by Alexei Suleac

In focus

Final phase of EaP GREEN

Following an independent audit and demand from countries the EaP GREEN was extended till the end of 2017. Evidence show that several activities carried out by the Project triggered actual policy and regulatory reforms, by developing green economy policies and reforming environmental assessments; changes of public administration practices (green growth indicators and sustainable public procurement) and a development of capacities in individual countries and at the enterprise level. Some of the pilot and demonstration projects implemented under the Project brought about tangible and measurable monetary and environmental benefits. More information about the latest Project results .

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