Access to finance for green investments

For green financing to become an attractive business model in EaP countries, there is a need to develop supportive policy frameworks, create sufficient demand from borrowers, and motivate local commercial banks to invest in the required staff development and capacity. Hence programme objectives are: assessing the lessons learnt so far from the operation of environmental credit lines supported by international financial institutions in some EaP countries; developing recommendations for local commercial banks on better disbursing such credit lines; facilitating international dialogue on opportunities for green investments in the region; contribution to knowledge-sharing and exchange. 

Odessa port, Ukraine
by Olena Buyskykh |

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International Conference: Unlocking Private Finance for Energy Efficiency and Greener, Low-Carbon Growth in the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia countries - Brussels, Belgium + More

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Regional expert meeting: Access to private finance for green investments in EU Eastern Partnership countries - 5-6 June 2014, Paris + More


Project Leader

  • Nelly PETKOVA
  • Economist/Policy Analyst
    Green Growth and Global Relations Division
    OECD Environment Directorate
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