Dnestr near Otaci and Calaraseuca, Moldova by Zserghei

Regional expert meeting: Economic instruments for greener products in Eastern Partnership countries - 6-7 March 2014, Paris


Topic: Creating market incentives for greener products

The workshop on "Economic instruments for greener products in Eastern Partnership countries" was held in Paris on 6-7 March 2014 in the OECD Conference Centre.

The main objectives of this expert meeting were: 

  • To present and discuss the draft Policy Manual on “Creating Market Incentives for Greener Products” prepared by the OECD secretariat. The Policy Manual aims to support the European Union’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries to design and/or reform economic instruments related to environmentally harmful products; and

  • To exchange experiences among international experts and stakeholders from the Eastern Partnership countries with regard to the design and implementation of four categories of product-related economic instruments: product taxes, environmental tax differentiation, deposit-refund systems and extended producer responsibility (EPR). 

Presentations are available here.

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