Dnestr near Otaci and Calaraseuca, Moldova by Zserghei

Benefits of the strategic environmental assessment and the role of sectoral authorities in SEA process

Ukraine (UNECE)

Topic: Strategic environmental assessment

The aim of this high-level round-table is to assist Ukraine in implementing strategic environmental assessment (SEA) procedures in compliance with the provisions of the Protocol on SEA to the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention) and the EU SEA Directive (2001/42/EC). The meeting is organized in Kiev by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the UNECE. Officials from environment and sectoral ministries of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine, as well as the representatives of the EU Commission, international financial institutions and EU experts on the application of SEA procedures in different sectors are expected to attend. More information:

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